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Clann Fraser
Historical Reenactment Guild

Founded before the 1980s, Clann Fraser is THE oldest continuously operating Historical Reenactment Guild on the West Coast. Portraying the House of Hugh "Uisdean Ruadh" (Galic for ‘the red’) Fraser. Lord Fraser was the 5th Lord Lovat, 4th Earl of Atholl, Captain of Inverness Castle  and an unofficial Uncle to Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland and the Isles. 


In March 2022, while attending the Calaveras Celtic Faire the idea of a merger between St. Margaret's and Clann Fraser was discussed and accepted by both sides. While officially maintaining their sovereignty and still remaining their own Guild, St. Margaret's will help to provide members and support to our Family in Clann Fraser. We will attend events together, break bread together, and help each other. Clann Fraser shall continue to be the oldest continuous Historical Reenactment Guild on the West Coast. 


History of Clan Fraser


The Future of Clann Fraser


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Lee Sciocchetti 

Character Portrayals

Hugh Fraser, Lord Lovat

Honours Within the Faire World: 

GuildMaster Emeritus of Clann Fraser

Grand Duke of Cawdor 

Cardinal Knight of the Royal Order of Celtic Knights

Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Rampant Unicorn 

Regional Head Marshal from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean- Armored Combat Worldwide- USA Knights


Diane Alane Forsberg

Character Portrayals 

Lady Alane MacInnes

Honours Within the Faire World: 

GuildMistress of Clann Fraser

Duchess of Selkirk

More to Come! 


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