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Former Council Members

We want to thank those who have served on our Privy Council in the past. 

Below you will find their portrait, real name, faire name, highest faire title,

position on the Council and year(s) of service. 

L.A. Bonet


Lady Anna Kaas 

Baroness of Gray 

President of the Council 2022-2023

#4231S-1 2.jpg

Cisco Luiz Martinez

Sir WilliamWade 

Earl of Devonshire 

Assistant Guild Master 2022-2023

#4231S-2 (1).jpg

Deniele Cassarubia

The Lady Beatrix Ruthven 

Guild Royal Châtelain

First Lady in Waiting 

Secretary of the Guild 2022-2023

Custom Royal Portraits #1658.jpg

Dr. Ben Pfaff 

Lord Robert Cecil 

Earl of Lincoln 

Treasurer of the Guild 2022-2023

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