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Guild Knighthood
Royal Order of the Rampant Unicorn

In an effort award our members for their hard work the Guild Knighthood is created by the Guild Master.

The Guild voted at our Spring Fling 2022 meeting to make our Priory an open one. Meaning that we may bring into our Knighthood those who are members of other Guilds who do not have an Order of Knighthood but are well deserving. Those chosen must go through the same process as every other member. 


Royal Order of the Rampant Unicorn

The Guild Order of Knight Hood. There are three levels of knighthood.

Knight Grand Cross- The Highest Level. Awarded after promotion for Exemplary Service.

Knight- Awarded after being squired and completion of the Knighting Quest. 

Squire- Awarded after vote of the Council for dedicated service to the Guild.

Page- Children in the Order aged 5 and older to learn the virtues of knighthood. 

Our Officers, Symbols & Members


Our Sigil 

Purpure, bordure or, a unicorn rampant or over, 2 swords saltire point down proper

Our Motto

A Coeur Valliant, Rien Impossible- To a Valiant Heart, Nothing is Impossible.


Our Grand Master 

His Sovereign Majesty, James, the Sixth, King of Scotland and the First King of England, Wales and France, Lord Protector of Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Church of England in Earth Supreme Head

Royal Order of the Rampant Unicorn


Knights Grand Cross

Lee Sciocchetti

Amy Farrell



Gene Kypke of Rogues of the Golden Coast

Liz Reynolds of Larks Cove 

Les Reynold of Larks Cove 

Ben Pfaff- To be awarded at Tulare RenaissancFaire 2024 (Weekend 2)



L.A. Bonet

Deniele Casarubbia

Daniel Elm

Sara Little of the Rogues of the Golden Coast 

Erin Bie

Cisco Martinez

Sandra Cox

Vanessa Moody



Lord Kennedy Tiptoe of the House of Pheonix, Senior Page to His Majesty the King 

Lord Haden Fraser of Clann Fraser

Lord Roman Tiptoe of the House of Pheonix 

Field Knights Recognized by the Order 


Sir Karris Stewart 

Dame Armsmere D’Ravenglass

Lord Stirling of the Stirling Mercenaries 

** Field Knights are a Distinguished Grade of Knighthood. These Valliant Folk were knighted upon the Battle Field rather than in a grandiose ceremony. Throughout history and indeed unto this day, Field Knights hold honour and station above all other knights in order of precedence. **

Order of the Garter

The Highest Knighthood bestowed by the Royals onto volunteers as requested by Faire Boards. Guild Members are ineligible for this award unless specifically requested by the faire board. Special ceremonies will be held for these Knightings.

Knights are Separated by Production Company that they were Knighted Under 

Knights of Golden Goblin Productions 

Bradley the Ent, Duke of Sherwood Forest, Kaotic Mythicals

Donald Herrick, Baron of Herrick, Chief Cook 

Donna Herrick, Baroness of Herrick, Lady Cook 

Kerry Greene, Baroness of Greene, Lady of the Dancing Troupe  

Knighthoods to be Awarded as designated by Golden Goblin Productions: 

Allyson Baldwin, Duchess of Edwards, Promoter of GGP 

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