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Guild Honours

In an effort to award our members for their hard work the following Honours system was created by the Guild Master. All members receive different honours and titles throughout the year. Some of the named honours can be read about below. Some will be named, others not. The Guild Master serves as Grand Master of all the Orders, however there may be a Great Master of each specific Order to help with the organization of said Order.

The Triquetra Award

Awarded at the end of each faire to the MVP of the faire as awarded by the council. Cannot be awarded consecutively to the same person. We do not keep a list of all winners of this award for Public Consumption. 

Order of St. Margaret of Scotland

This is the Highest Award of the Guild. Voted on by the Membership and award to one (1) member annually. This is given at our Christmas Party/ Feast and a special badge/ favor will be made for this honour.

2023 Winner 

Cheryl Murphy 

2022 Winner 

Erin Dayton


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Order of the Companions of Honour 

An Award given out by the Guild to those who deserve honours but no other Honours seem worthy. Generally awarded for having a major contribution to faire culture or world at large over a long period of time

Members of the Order 

Amy Wooten-Masters, Guild master of the House of Tudor


Sara Little aka Shackles of the Rogues of the Golden Coast 

David Williams aka Mad Davey Flint of RGC- In Memoria 


Peerage System of the Guild 

The Peers aremembers who have received the special favour of the Crown in the expectation that they will serve with most particular devotion, honour, and distinction. Peerage wards may be historically accurate or not, and may be used only at certain events, depending on the situation- some denoted below. 

Peers are ranked according to the same degrees traditionally employed in the United Kingdom. Peerages may be awarded regardless of standard gender conventions. Peers are denoted by their respective Coronets or "Crowns" specific to each rank.

The degrees of the Peerage are, in descending order:






On some very special occasions we will award the less common titles that historically may not have been used in the United Kingdom; below: 

Royal Grand Duke/ Duchess

Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess

On even more rare occasions we will award the Royal Titles listed below: 

His Majesty/ Her Majesty 

His Royal Highness/ Her Royal Highness Prince /Princess of Scotland, Ireland or England 

Prince of Wales/ Princess of Wales 

Royal Peerages of Any Level 

Scottish Crown and Sovreign of Scotland & Ireland

King James VI/I

Anne of Denmark, Queen Consort


St. Edward's Crown and Sovreign of England, Wales & France

King James VI/I

Anne of Denmark, Queen Consort


Danish Crown and Sovreign of Denmak (at certain events) 

King Christian IV of Denmark


Peerage of His/Her Royal Highness of Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales & France

Oberon Valon Bruce, Prince of Scotland

Hedwig of Denmark, Princess Royal

Keturah Baird, Princess of Ireland

Peerage of Prince/ Princess of Denmark 

Anne of Denmark, Princess of Denmark 

Hedwig of Denmark, Princess of Denmark 

Peerage of Grand Duke/Duchess

Dame Keturah Baird, Grand Duchess of Kilhenzie and Auchmedden

Grand Dame Raelynn DeBone, Royal Grand Duchess of Bannockburn

Oberon Valon Bruce, Grand Duke of Edinburgh, Grand Duke of Elgin

Lord Fraser, Grand Duke of Cawdor 

John Wallace, Grand Duke of Erskine

Rebecca Alexander, Royal Grand Duchess of Abershire (In Memorium) 

King James VI/I, Grand Duke of Rutherford Castle 

Peerage of Duke/Duchess

Princess Hedwig, Duchess of Lothian

Morgan LaMont, Duke of Kingston Upon Thames 

Kathleen O'Donovan, Duchess of Munster

Alane MacInnes, Duchess of Selkirk

John Wallace, Duke of Strathclyde

Dame Armsmere D'Ravensglass, Duchess of Ravenscroft

Allyson Baldwin, Duchess of Edwards 

Bradley the Ent, Duke of Sherwood Forest

Oberon Valon Bruce, Duke of Bruce, Duke of Kincardine

Queen Anne of Denmark, Duchess of Kintyre and Lorne

King James VI/I, Duke of Northumberland, Duke of Renfrewshire, Duke of Lancaster, Duke of Normandy, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg

Peerage of Marquess/Marchioness

Robert Cecil, Marquess of Grangemouth

William Wade, Marquess of Walmer 

Kathleen O'Donovan, Marchioness of Kerry

John Wallace, Marquis of Lanarkshire

Oberon Valon Bruce, Marquis of Tarley

Peerage of Earl/Countess

Kathleen O'Donovan, Countess of Cork 

Deanna Dyson, Earl of Litchfield

Morgan La Mont, Earl of MacErcher

Robert Cecil, Earl of Lincoln 

John Wallace, Earl of Glencairn  

Rachel Litfin, Countess of Perth 

Laura Amberwinch, Countess of Mar  

William Wade, Earl of Devonshire

Queen Anne, Countess of Cove

King James VI/I, Earl of St. Andrew 


Peerage of Viscount/Viscountess

John Wallace, Viscount of Kilmaurs

Sotheno Alexander, Viscount of Middlsex 

Pheonix Alexander, Viscount of Dunbar 

Frank Alexander, Viscount of Air 

Jairon Alexander, Viscount of Maitland 

Nicolas Veilleux, Viscomte de Chandée

Peerage of Baron/Baroness

Haden Fraser, Baron of Cantree

Florence Llywelyn, Baroness of Irvine

Elizabeth Weber, Baroness of Tadcaster

William Wade, Baron of Lexinton

Beatrix Ruthven, Baroness of Cornwallis 

Anna Kass, Baroness of Gray 

Donald Herrick, Baron of Herrick 

Donna Herrick, Baroness of Herrick 

Kerry Greene, Baroness of Greene 

John Wallace, Baron of Craigie 

Morgan La Mont, Baron of La Mont

Ross Honeycutt, Baron of Arlington

Cassie Kitchens, Baroness of Castle Rising

Kassi Honeycutt, Baroness of Sudbury

Marlena Barron Hudson, Baroness of Kinloss

Jairo Barron Salazar, Baron of Fairfax of Cameron

Flora Nethercote, Baroness of Forbes

Princess Hedwig, Baroness of Kerry 

Anne of Denmark, Baroness of Limerick, Baroness of Roxburghshire 

King James VI/ I, Baron of Castle Stuart 

Order of the Thistle

The Order of the Thistle is style after the UK's The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle. A special group of members will be named to this Order, at the Sole discretion of the Guild Master in Recognition of their devotion and service to the guild and their assistance to the Guild Master. 

Knight Companions of the Order 

Deniele Cassarubia 

Diane Forsberg 


Order of the Shamrock and Harp 

The Order of the Shamrock and Harp is to honour members who specifically have an Irish heritage or have depicted characters or an Irish heritage.

This Order also is an honour for those who receive it as they will be responsible in representing the Irish sections of our Guild at our events.

The Great Master is the Highest officer of this Order under the Grand Master. 

Great Master of the Order

Cheryl Murphy 

Knights of the Order 

Erin Dayton 

Rachel Miller 

Nancy Reed


Order of Aaron NonGrata

The designation of Aaron NonGrata was created by Robert Cecil and approved by His Majesty King James to honour a specific member of the Guild. 

Member of the Order 

Chris Moore, Aaron NonGrata

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