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Crown Jewels

Our Guild Crown Jewels are a combination of passed down regalia and new regalia.

Together the Crowns and many items you see show the awesome authority of the Sovereign, the Consort and the Princess Royal.

What is included in the Crown Jewels? 

The Scottish Crown

The English St. Edwards Crown

The Chain of the Order of The Garter

Chains of State from Scotland

The Crowns of the Queen Consort

The Crown of the Princess Royal

The Traditional Scottish Dirk

The Sword of the Grand Master

The Rings of the King

The Rings of the Queen

The Golden Chalices of the King & Queen

Jewels passed through the Generations

Gifts from other Royal Guilds

**Click on Images to see full Size**

You can see the Crown Jewels on Display at our Encampments during faires. 

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