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Courtiers & Ambassadors

The Royal Courtiers are men and ladles who wish to be the folk at faire known as the meet and greet lords and ladies.  Their main responsibility is to find muggles and bring them to the Royal Court to meet the Royals!


They are the folk that find every opportunity to give every muggle a Renaissance thrill to talk about when they go home.  If a Royal Courtier Is successful, that muggle will tell others and then more will come to faire to enjoy the ambiance of the Royal Court!  THE MUGGLES ARE OUR MAJOR WORKI Royal Courtiers are men In very fine costumes, ladles In very beautiful costumes, monks, bishops, court Jesters, ambassadors from every foreign court In Europe, highland clan chiefs, barons, baronesses, viscounts, vi-countesses, earls, countesses, marquees, marchionesses, dukes, duchesses, court pages, sheriffs, constables, lord high mayors, Prop Masters, Justice of the peace, Royal Secretaries, Royal Chamberlains, Royal Treasurers, Master of Revels, Master of Ambassadors, Master of Court, Royal Portress of the Court, Mistress of Court & most Important of all: Knights &  Dames of the Realm! 



Each courtier no matter the chosen Ideal character - are actors who entertain: some Sing, some dance, some recite "prose & poetry”, some escort the Royals, some play board games with muggles, some see to stick horse races with the muggles, some serve food, some do ceremonies, some stand as lawyers for arrested muggles, some make ribbon favors, some do mini-plays, some sit with muggles and tell them of the ancient tymes, and some find muggles dressed In Hawaiian clothing or dark glasses to Introduce to the Court the moment they are spotted and brought for trial, drubbing or pardoning.   The second most Important Job of the Royal Courtiers Is to keep the Court area clean, neat, and very busy with activities of all kinds!

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