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The Ladies in Waiting

The purpose of the Ladies in Waiting Household is to provide for the needs and wants of the Royals at all guild events. These duties include providing them with food and drink throughout the day, seeing to their comforts, maintaining their garb and pavilion, assisting them with court functions, and accompanying them on progress.

The Royal Ladles in Waiting Household Is reserved for ladles who wear the very finest gowns in all the land. Each must have a beautiful gown. These ladles are absolutely devoted to Their Royal Majesties: morning, noon and night!


They must think up and do skits and mini-plays to please the Court, they must sing, and do Court dances! But each of the Ladles In Waiting are greatly assigned to a particular duty for a day of faire. This is will change based on who shows up first to report to duty!

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